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Math with Ms. Beth

In math, Ms. Beth taught us this fun activity called  848  8 for 8. Anyways it was a fun math - dance activity which, Ms. Beth learned from her friend, a dance teacher! The activity goes like this:
1• Count out loud to 8.
2•While counting try walking in the rhythm and time when you say the numbers.
3•Now try whisper-counting to 8 while bopping in place.
4•Now starts the hard part! Count out loud to 4 then continue counting but this time, whisper count from 4 to 8.Remember the walking and bopping!
5• Perfect. Now try doing it faster.
This was mainly the activity. At first I was surprised that this was a math activity, but later, I remembered that math was all about patterns, not just sums and equations. It was a fun an educational experience.

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